Transactions CSV for the Solana blockchain

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ATTENTION: careful with start_date filter for SOL CSVs

  • If using start_date filter, staking rewards maybe missing from CSV in certain cases.

    • Easiest solution is to omit start_date filter (a.k.a. no date range or very early start date) altogether to avoid this issue.

    • Details on issue: If a staking account has been closed AND a start_date filter removes the transaction where the staking account was created, the CSV will fail to show staking rewards for this closed staking account.

CSV transactions with details

  • staking reward occurrence

    • once per epoch (2-4 days) per staking address

  • swap

  • transfer

  • raydium swap

  • raydium pool deposit/withdrawal/rewards

  • serum dex v3 transactions

  • marinade finance staking

  • nft mints (some)

  • nft marketplace transactions (MagicEden, Solanart, DigitalEyes)

CSV transactions with missing details (TX_TYPE=_UNKNOWN)

  • all other transactions not listed


  • 10000 most recent transactions


Enter SOL main wallet address, NOT the SOL staking address(es).

  • Staking addresses are derived in the background.

SOL staking reward occurrences do not have URLs/transaction IDs.

  • SOL staking rewards occur every epoch (2-4 days). There is no unique transaction ID given by the Solana blockchain for these occurrences, so a unique combination of "<stakingaddress>.<epoch>" is used instead as substitute.

Old transactions pre-dating around 2020-12-18 are missing timestamps.

  • They are labeled with TXTYPE= _MISSING_TIMESTAMP

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