Documentation on importing CSV into zenledger.io

Download CSV

  • Select zenledger in the download CSV prompt.

Import CSV


Omitted transactions

All transactions starting with underscore are omitted from the zenledger CSV (i.e. _LP_WITHDRAW). This means these transactions must be imported into zenledger manually (or ignore where appropriate).

Can I import CSV multiple times?

Multiple imports causes duplicates on zenledger. To remedy, there are two options:

  • Option 1

    • Edit CSV (i.e. google sheets), such that only new transactions exist.

    • Upload edited CSV

  • Option 2

    • Delete all transactions for the previous import(s)

      • Imports -> Imported History -> find CSV -> Action -> Delete

    • Upload full CSV again

I strong prefer option 1 because you are free to edit old transactions. In option 2, edits on old transactions would be lost on re-import.

Email support@stake.tax if this guidance is outdated.


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