Documentation on importing CSV into

Download CSV

  • Select taxbit in the download CSV prompt.

Import CSV

That's it! To view results:

  • See "Add Transactions" (CSV Files) to confirm file upload.

  • See "Transactions" to see transactions imported (note: may need to wait a few minutes for this particular tab to update)


Omitted transactions

All transactions starting with underscore are omitted from the Taxbit CSV (i.e. _LP_WITHDRAW). This means these transactions must be imported into Taxbit manually (or ignored where appropriate).

Can I import CSV multiple times?

Duplicates are detected on Taxbit. Users can either

  • delete and reimport

  • only reimport

Taxbit has a nice interface where both options are possible at .


Please note this is not an official guide for Taxbit. Email if this guidance is outdated.


Change Log

  • 1/13/22 : Added Taxbit CSV

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