BAND (no longer supported)

Transactions CSV for the Band Protocol blockchain
Support for BAND has been removed on 9/25/2021. The underlying provider make breaking changes, and there appears to be no easy solution. Due to a lack of usage on, I decided to remove support altogether.

CSV transactions with full details:

  • staking reward occurrence
    • withdraw reward
    • delegate with reward
    • redelegate with reward
  • transfer
  • delegate with no reward
  • redelegate with no reward

CSV transactions with missing details (TX_TYPE=_UNKNOWN)

  • all other transactions not listed


  • 1000 most recent transactions


Staking rewards are not reflected until you withdraw, delegate, or redelegate.

  • True rewards accrue continuously for BAND stakers. Since this is not straight forward, rewards are instead recorded at each withdraw-reward, delegate, or redelegate transaction.

Change Log

  • Support for BAND removed from due to breaking changes in underlying provider (and no easy solution).
  • Fixed no fees for receive transfers