Documentation on import CSV into koinly.io

Download CSV

  • Select koinlyin the download CSV prompt.

Import CSV

  • Add a wallet if not exists.
  • Select a wallet.
  • Import file -> Select CSV
    • use defaults (leave tag deposits blank)


Omitted transactions

All transactions starting with underscore are omitted from the Koinly CSV (i.e. _LP_WITHDRAW). This means these transactions must be imported into Koinly manually (or ignored where appropriate).

Can I import CSV multiple times?

Yes, for Koinly. You may import the full CSV multiple times and Koinly will detect duplicates and omit them.


  • You may want to import partial CSV first as a test. It's cumbersome to undo a large amount of transactions.
  • Quick delete: there's no bulk delete function. However, the quickest way to delete transactions appears to be deleting transactions page by page via the following: select one transaction -> go to bottom of page -> select icon to select all on page -> delete


Change Log

  • Added fix for inclusion of fees into koinly CSVs (previously only trades had fees included; now all transactions have fees included)
Last modified 4d ago