Documentation on importing CSV into

Download CSV

  • Select cryptio in the download CSV prompt.

Import CSV

  • Select +Import button

  • In Search bar, enter any text (i.e. "Terra") -> choose Custom

  • Under Import Custom window, follow prompts to upload CSV.

That's it!


Omitted transactions

All transactions starting with underscore are omitted from the Cryptio CSV (i.e. _LP_WITHDRAW). This means these transactions must be imported into Cryptio manually (or ignored where appropriate).

Inspecting Errors for Upload

Under , Status=Error means the upload failed. To view errors:

  • Click row with Status=Error

  • Scroll and find "Download error report"

  • Open this CSV and inspect Error column.

"Unknown incoming/outgoing asset" Error

When viewing error csv, this is a common error due to lack of support to identify lesser-known cryptocurrencies or NFTs. To remedy:


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