Documentation on importing CSV into

Download CSV

  • Select cointracking in the download CSV prompt.

Import CSV

  • Change your user time zone to UTC:

    • Account -> Account Settings -> Account & Notifications -> Your time zone -> set to UTC

    • This is necessary because manual import CSVs into assume user time zone.

  • Go to Enter Coins -> Scroll to very bottom -> CSV import .

  • Upload the CSV file.

  • Finish import according to instructions.

*Note: I have considered detecting user's timezone to generate CSV but found it prone to errors.


Omitted transactions

All transactions starting with underscore are omitted from the Cointracking CSV (i.e. _LP_WITHDRAW). This means these transactions must be imported into Cointracking manually (or ignored where appropriate).

Cointracking detects the wrong currency with same symbol? What can I do?

  1. Find the cointracking code for the currency here (Search for a Coin, Currency, or Commodity)

    a. example: For MIR, "MIR2" is the correct code.

  2. Add comment to with currency and cointracking code (i.e. MIR should be "MIR2"). Can also email

  3. We'll have it fixed in a jiffy (or if you're a developer, send a PR!)

Can I import CSV multiple times?

Yes, for Cointracking. You may import the full CSV multiple times and Cointracking will detect duplicates and omit them. It is also a good idea to check for duplicates and delete them at .


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