Transactions CSV for the Terra Classic blockchain at

CSV transactions with full details

  • airdrop
  • swap
  • staking reward occurrence for LUNA stakers
    • withdraw reward
    • delegate with reward
    • redelegate with reward
  • transfer
  • vote
Anchor Protocol
  • Anchor Earn deposit/withdraw
  • Anchor Borrow deposit/withdraw/borrow/repay
  • Anchor Bond bond-luna/unbond-luna/claim-reward
  • ANC stake/unstake
Mirror Protocol
  • Mirror LP deposit/withdraw/stake/unstake/claim-reward
  • Mirror long-farm/short-farm/borrow/repay
  • MIR stake/unstake
RandomEarth NFTs
  • add whitelist
  • mint
  • buy
  • offer to sell
  • withdraw proceeds
  • "sell" is NOT included: user must manually import (deduce from _NFT_WITHDRAW_PROCEEDS and _NFT_OFFER_SELL transactions)

CSV transactions with missing details (TX_TYPE=_UNKNOWN)

  • bond/unbond non-LUNA tokens
  • all other transactions not listed


  • 20000 most recent transactions


Incoming transfers of non-native tokens like MIR are not included in the CSV.
  • I have been unable to find a solution to this specific problem.
MINE governance staking income is NOT included in CSV.
  • _GOV_STAKE and _GOV_UNSTAKE transactions for MINE are in default CSV.
  • However, staking income is not included. User must manually deduce staking income by going through these MINE stake/unstake transactions.

Change Log

LUNA1 changes:
  • Fixed terra swap bugs for multi-message cases
  • Added handling of NFT whitelist and NFT mint
  • Fixed multi-airdrops-within-one-contract bug (would only detect 1st airdrop)
  • Changed borrow/repay to be exported transactions into non-default CSVs (i.e. included into koinly CSV, cointracking CSV, etc).
  • Fix for col5 encoding differences (execute_msg; airdrops MIR/ANC/MINE)
  • Fix for col5 encoding differences (currency address lookup; stake ANC)
  • Fix for col5 new LP stake case (MINE-UST LP)
  • Migrated to new data source (lcd to fcd) due to deprecation of lcd data source.
  • New unresolvable issues:
    • older anchor earn deposits/withdrawals are treated as _UNKNOWN due to inability to retrieve aUST amounts. Users advised to look at for these transactions.
  • Migrated underlying API to different private node provider
  • Changed tx limit from 10000 to 5000, on a trial basis (will try to increase later)
  • Added comment to _GOV_UNSTAKE transactions: must calculate governance staking rewards manually (deposit/withdrawal amounts shown to guide).
  • Fixed no fees for receive transfers
  • Changed treatment of anchor earn deposits/withdrawals
    • old method: anchor earn interest transaction
    • new method: treat as trade between UST/aUST
  • Increased tx limit from 5000 to 10000
  • Bug fix: fixed bug introduced by 8/17 migration: handling of failed transactions (fixed to ignore instead of labeling as _UNKNOWN)
  • Migrated dependency from deprecated Terra API to new Terra API
  • Bug fix: Fixed _WITHDRAW_COLLATERAL transaction that was mislabeled as staking income for aUST.