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Hi there!
In a nutshell, aims to make tax season easier for staking coin hodlers.
How it works:
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    Enter Wallet address on home page.
  2. 2.
    View and Download CSV, after waiting 0-5 minutes for job to finish.
  3. 3.
    Import CSV into a crypto tax website like Cointracking or Koinly.
See left menu for:
  • See DEVS to contribute to open source.
  • See TOKENS for specific transaction details for a blockchain.
  • See CSV FORMATS for info on tax websites like koinly, cointracking, etc.
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Thanks for visiting! In 2021, I wrote up some software in order to help with my own taxes for various staking cryptocurrency coins, due to the lack of existing solutions out there. I realized others may have a similar situation and decided to offer it as a website. Thus, was born. Since then, it has evolved due to user interest and open source contributions.
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