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Can I run CSV job that exceeds transaction limit?

Why does balance in Koinly/Cointracker not match my wallet?

  • Exported CSVs (i.e. koinly) do NOT include transactions starting with underscore (i.e. _LP_DEPOSIT, _DEPOSIT_COLLATERAL).
  • These transactions must be imported/handled manually by the user.
  • This is the most common issue.

How do staking/farming/etc taxes work?

We are not CPAs nor financial professionals. We merely provide tools to create records of blockchain transactions that are consumable by popular tax software websites and easier to read.
However, we'll point towards other sources like:

What are these CSV Formats (Cointracking, Koinly, etc.)?

These are cryptocurrency tax websites that help people report their taxes for cryptocurrency-related transactions. Our CSVs can be directly imported these websites.
Note: We have zero affiliation with Cointracking, Cointracker, Koinly, etc.. With that said, we personally have found Cointracking to be adept at handling the tougher cases.

Older transactions missing?

Each token has a most recent transactions limit, typically 5000-10000. If your transaction history goes back further, it will be omitted.
Email [email protected] for further options if your history requires going back farther. In some cases, a report may be generated manually.

I'm getting "internal error."

Sorry! Email [email protected] with your bookmark url (i.e.<something>) if you would like someone to debug the problems with this particular report.

Support for other tokens?

Feel free to email [email protected] to ask for new tokens. Given enough demand, we may consider adding more tokens.

Support for other CSV formats?

At the moment, we support the CSV formats listed on the left menu (i.e. Accointing, Cointracking, etc). If you require support for an additional CSV format, please do email [email protected]. This type of addition is generally lightweight work that is often accommodated.

More questions?